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Every other year or so, Pat and Doug manage to visit Orillia, Ontario, around the time of the Scottish Festival. Accommodation is limited, because baseball finals from the US and Canada are held there during the same weekend ... and speed boat races are also being held on Lake Couchiching.

By questioning around, they found Cranberry House Bed and Breakfast, operated by Anne and Charlie Cole, and conveniently located near the centre of the town.

Severe thunder storms interfered with the festival for the past two years, but a sun-block was an essential item in 2002!



The town of Orillia is the home of Don Ross, the President of the Clan Ross Association of Canada, Incorporated. (Don is the tall fellow in the pictures.) It is also the home of the Ontario Legion Massed Pipes and Drums Band, which was the central band of the Canadian Massed Pipes and Drums on the Scottish Tour 2002. We had time to renew acquaintances ... Senior Pipe Major Ross Baxter said hello, and Pat chatted with his wife (one of the ones who held their banner). Charles McDonald dropped by the Ross Tent in his Dress Ross tartan with his wife, as did some members of the colour party.

The first photo was taken by Pat Ross on Mississauga Street West at post 38, the order of the Ross Clan in the parade. The second photo was taken by Cliff Varney, officer in charge of the Colour Party for the Ontario Legion Massed Pipes and Drums which, at position 37, would precede Clan Ross in the parade. [Wendy Ross (Commissioner of CRA for Ontario) and Pat & Doug Ross had plenty of practice marching behind the OLMPD over in Scotland in 2001!]

A Side Comment:
The pipe band from Fergus, which gathered on Mississauga Street right beside Clan Ross, was to follow a couple of positions back in the parade. As we stood around, Don McAlpine jogged over to reintroduce himself to Doug and Pat Ross. The previous time that they had met had been at the Blairgowrie Highland Games during the Scotland Tour 2001. There, the wife of the Mayor of Centre Wellington caught Doug to let him know that his cousin Lloyd Ross had told Don McAlpine to say "Hello!" if he saw us in Scotland. Doug Ross asked him if he had another message from his cousin, and that left both laughing just before the parade marshal came to get us ready.



Janice Leslie, one of Doug's internet friends gave a holler, "Yea, Clan Ross! Hi Doug! We'll see you after the parade," as Clan Ross was entering the Avenue of the Clans in Centennial Park. After the parade, there was a brief reunion when she introduced her friend, Mark Shephard of the RCMP Regimental Pipes and Drums from Alberta. (Photo by Wendy Ross) Mark had hoped to join the massed bands on the inspection field, but just missed the opportunity. The Scottish Foods Pavillion had line-ups afterwards, and Janice and Mark were delayed a bit.

The second photo is Doug Ross, webmaster for Clan Ross, standing in front of the Clan Ross tent. (Photo by Pat Ross)



During Janice Leslie's absence, Lord Rothes (Ian Lionel Malcolm Leslie), the 21st Earl of Rothes and Chief of Clan Leslie made the rounds of the tents on the Avenue of the Clans. As honourary Festival Chief and head of the featured Clan Leslie, he was introduced to all. Doug, as the only representative present at the Clan Ross tent, shook his hand and requested a photo opportunity for the website. Pat took the picture.




Janice and Mark returned to the Ross Tent after lunch, and Pat took another opportunity for a photo of Doug and his internet friend. Doug has treasured every meeting with his internet friends whom he has met this summer. All have contributed greatly to his "Good Times and Good Memories".

Pat suggested that we move next door to the Clan Leslie tent, where the sun was shining brightly. Several photos were taken, and the group continued their chat back at the Clan Ross tent until it was time to depart. (Group photo by Margaret Montgomery, past secretary-treasurer of CRA-Canada)

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