Question 9: CLAN ROSS HISTORY How may I obtain a copy of The Great Clan Ross?

Anyone interested in purchasing a copy of the official Clan Ross History should contact the Past President and Historian of the Clan Ross Association of Canada, Incorporated. Since the 3rd edition of The Great Clan Ross is out of print at this time, he will be able to advise you about the current status of having the book prepared for a reprint. He may be contacted as follows:

J. Donaldson Ross
84 Brant Street East
Orillia, Ontario L3V 1Z2

Phone: 705-326-3438
Fax: 705-325-6639
Email: manbook(at)sympatico(dot)ca

About the Author of the First Edition

Five years after the founding of the Clan Ross Association of Canada in 1960, Dr. John Robert Ross was appointed President at the annual meeting in Montreal by the Chief Designate of Clan Ross, Sir Charles Campbell Ross, Q.C.

At this time, Dr. John was preparing his book The Great Clan Ross, which has become the definitive reference for the history of the Clan. During his research he came to know Chief Rosa Ross of Pitcalnie and Sheriff Charles Campbell Ross of the Shandwick Branch, the Chief Designate, who collaborated on the book together with his son, the current Chief of Clan, David C. Ross of Ross and Balnagowan. The book was published in 1968 and entered its third edition in 1993. Through his correspondence that arose from the first edition of this book, Dr. John assisted, during the 1970's, in laying the foundations of the Clan Ross societies in the USA and New Zealand.

Editions of The Book

To the credit of all involved, The Great Clan Ross has stood the test of time as a significant reference about Clan Ross for more than a quarter century.

- The 1st Edition, written by John Robert Ross, M.D., B.Sc. in collaboration with Sheriff Charles Campbell Ross, Q.C., and A.C.Gordon Ross, M.B., Ch.B. was published in 1968.

- The 2nd Edition, published in 1972, was completely revised with substantial additions on heraldry, and many new illustrations.

- The 3rd Edition, published in 1993, was made possible in part by generous subscriptions from the Clan Ross Association of the United States of America. At this time, John Donaldson Ross, M. Environmental Studies, undertook the addition of small sections and made minor adjustments to his father's work.

- At the 2004 Annual General Meeting in Winnipeg, Past President John Donaldson Ross reported that The Great Clan Ross book was out of print, but that he would explore the interest in the USA, Canada, Australia and elsewhere (via newsletters and the website) for a reprint.


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