Brig Hector - Pictou, NS

The Clan Ross crest and the green Ross Hunting Tartan were erected with thirteen other clan signs on the "Avenue of the Clans" (Caladh Avenue) in Pictou Nova Scotia on September 6, 1998.

The Ross Clan plaque is on display at the Hector Heritage Quay Interpretation Centre in recognition of the support by Clan Ross - Canada for supporting the completion of a full-scale replica of the three-masted sailing ship Hector.

On this site, on September 15, 1773, the first Scottish settlers arrived in Nova Scotia aboard the brig Hector from Ullapool. (The replica is shown under construction above. It was launched successfully on September 17, 2000.)

CRA-Canada Newsletter: January, 1999.
Photographs courtesy of Wendy Ross