"May their tribes increase."
Official Clans Representing All Canada Via Canadian Websites
for which each Scottish Clan is Registered with The Lord Lyon Court.

These Have Clan Chiefs:

Clan Keith Society of Canada
Clan Donald of Canada
Clan Farquharson Association of Canada
Clan Fraser Society of Canada
House of Gordon Canada *
Clan Hunter Canada *
Jardine Clan Society of Canada *
Clan Lamont Society of Canada
Clan Lyon Association of Canada *
Clan MacLeod Societies of Canada
Internet Home of Clan MacNicol/Nicolson in Canada *
Website of Clan MacNeil in Canada
Clan Munro Association of Canada
Clan Ross Association of Canada, Incorporated
Clan Sinclair Association Canada *

These Have No Clan Chiefs:

Clan Cumming(s) Society of Canada *
The Clan Mackay Association of Canada
Clan MacRae Society of Canada
Clan Young Society (See "Canadian Update" in Menu)

* Some of the clans are marginal in their qualification as a Canadian Clan. It is apparent that the Canadian Convenor (Acting) or Commissioner or Governor is the sole contact, often hastily appointed when the clan was chosen as the "Clan of Honour" at some Scottish Festival or Highland Games. Other telling evidence is the absence of many of the following features: a Canadian Executive, Provincial Commissioners, Newsletters, a relevant Canadian History, Annual General Meetings or a Calendar of Events. Therefore, these clans barely qualify for this directory. In one or two cases, hidden information may be attributed to faulty website design.

CRA-Canada is not responsible for any omissions or contents of websites in this directory. If anyone is aware of clan websites which fit the criteria of this directory or if any errors are discovered, please contact the webmaster of the Clan Ross Association of Canada.

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