Gillian and Patrick Blair of England

President Andrew Thibodeau wrote, "In 2006 almost 50 Clan Ross members had the privilege of spending a weekend with sisters Janet M. Jones and Gillian Blair and Gillianís husband Patrick. Janet and Gillian were the great great granddaughters of Dr. A.M. Ross, Canadaís greatest abolitionist and the focus of our 2006 National Gathering. It is with great sadness that Janet shared with us the passing of her sister and her brother-in-law within 3 months of each other. When I got the phone call, I recall a line from one of my favourite songs by the group Rush, 'when I heard you were gone, I felt a shadow cross my heart'. I have such fond memories of hosting these 3 special people as our guests of honour as we began the process of erecting a plaque in their ancestorís honour. I am so happy that we made the effort to reach out to invite them to come all of the way from England. In life, it is so easy to not make an extra effort, not to ask the question, and to doubt yourself with statements like 'they wonít be interested'. But, that wasnít me or our 2006 AGM team and executive. We thought big, and made the effort to invite them, and we considered ourselves so blessed that these 3 made such a tremendous effort to visit Canada. A special highlight was Gillian reading a poem written to her gr gr grandfather about his work as an abolitionist while she stood in the church at Uncle Tomís Cabin historical site in Dresden. If Dr. Ross could only have seen where his legacy and efforts would take his descendants!"

2006 AGM
[L to R: Shannon Prince, Janet Montague Jones, Gillian Blair, Spencer Alexander, Patrick Blair]

Al Casey of Bedford, Nova Scotia

Al (James) Casey and his wife Mildred enjoyed 62 years of wedded bliss. Both were members of the Royal Canadian Navy Association, and Al was an active member of the John Albro Masonic Lodge No 122. A recent entry on the latter website states: "It is with great sadness that we inform you that Brother AL (JAMES) CASEY has passed to the Grand Lodge above."

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