Maplecrest Farm Bed & Breakfast
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The Scottish Festival experience is definitely most enjoyable if it is not rushed. The Bed and Breakfast operated by Dorothy and George Collin provided great beds, great breakfasts and great company. We recommend the relaxed atmosphere.

We thank our hosts for their permission to post the aerial photograph of the property. Since George is a retired Landscape Architect, his influence may be seen in the changes since the above picture was taken. A fluorishing garden now occupies the top-centre rectangle in front of the house with its mixture of flowers and vegetables. In an area where the old barn once stood, George has created an enclosed garden and pathway, a water garden, a swamp garden and a scree on a limestone mound to the right. The underground water system begins at the corner downspout of the long garage and feeds a wee pond from which the overflow leads to a rectangular goldfish pool beside an artificial swamp. Each section is a separate ecosystem.


George rises early to prepare breakfast for the guests who must leave early. In the next picture, Dorothy is assisting Highland Dancers Marisa and Kaylee McLellan, who will be competing in their age groups at the festival. In the third photo, a wall sculpture hangs against the stones of the original farmhouse.


We say farewell to George and Dorothy Collin, but not before they give us a couple of fresh zucchini from the garden. It won't be long before Dorothy holds her pottery seminars. The weather is too hot during the summer to start up the kiln in the basement. Both of our hosts are knowledgeable about their neighbours' skills, and you'll find a wrought-iron stand supporting one of Dorothy's pottery birdbaths in the flower bed at the front door.

Although it is mostly hidden in the window in this photo, a white stone sculpture (completed by George during an art course) is in the style of Henry Moore.

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