78th Fraser Highlanders - St Andrews Day
Information envoyées par Suzanne Delorme, fondatrice de clan Ross Québec


Members of the historical regimental 78th Fraser Highlanders garrison of Quebec and their friends held a warm welcome with Lorney Ross who joined as a voluntary sergeant, on the occasion of the traditional supper of Saint Andrew, on November 22, in the High School of Quebec. Mr. Lorney Ross of the Bertrand Street, in Quebec, is the direct descendant of corporal William Ross (an NCO of the 78th Fraser Highlanders regiment). Lorney Ross is the sixth descent of this valorous individual. Born in Old-Lorette, he passed his youth here, but spent his summers in Malbaie. His pride in his roots were always present, but now he is tracing his genealogy with renewed interest. It is his uncle Eddy Ross who revived the flame by devoting part of its life in the search of the family ancestors. Uncle Eddy traversed Europe and Scotland tracing William Ross well before modern access through the Internet. He traced the origins to the town of Silvering, in the Scottish Highlands. Mr. Eddy Ross has published a book which serves as a genealogical reference nowadays. Lorney is accompanied in this photograph by his son Steve as well as Major Guy Morisset (of the garrison of Quebec) on the left, and ensign Marc "Ross" Lestage on the right, who the organized the supper, and who provided this write-up.