The Ross Clan Banner
Contrary to appearances, this does not represent how Clan Ross presented itself in the parade. Five members scrambled into the car for a drive along the route. Pat Ross was wearing an air brace around her left ankle after a ligament tore away a piece of bone three weeks earlier following a bad fall, but she managed to march the entire distance to the park with no ill effects.

In addition, Don Ross removed his jacket and I did the same so that we would have a uniform appearance while we carried the banner. Just before the Parade Marshal called upon our group, I discovered Minerva Teskey at the other end of the banner and she was wearing a jacket; another mad scramble ensued ... wherein I rescued my jacket from the rear floor of the car. What a day! [I highly recommend this exercise to all Ross Clan members who attend the Scottish Festivals. I didn't feel the least bit guilty as I had my haggis pie and irn brew for lunch later on.]
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